Everywhere Spoken Against

Today’s reading is Acts 28.

I certainly know our goal is not to get people to speak against us. I know we don’t want to conduct ourselves in such a way that people hate and despise us because of our attitude or treatment of them. Yet, at the same time, I can’t help but notice when the early Christians and churches did what was right when it came to disciple making, they weren’t lauded by the world. They weren’t lifted up and asked to stay. They were spoken against everywhere. While we shouldn’t conduct our disciple making with goal of being spoken against, we must not make the opposite mistake. That is, we must not make the goal of our disciple making keeping people from speaking against us. Let’s just speak for the Lord and let people respond how they will. Only then will God be glorified.

Tomorrow’s reading is Romans 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, do you remember what we’ve been watching for over the past week? Paul is held captive, but the gospel is free. It seems like a really odd way to end the book, having Paul just left in prison. But that is because Paul isn’t really the main protagonist or good guy. The Word of God is. While Paul is imprisoned, the gospel is free and being taught with boldness and without hindrance. That is how amazing our God is. I pray that you will grow up to teach God’s gospel with boldness and without hindrance as well. Praise the Lord!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media

Author: edwincrozier

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