Don’t Be Shocked

Today’s reading is Mark 13.

I know there is a lot of debate regarding the specific application of Mark 13. Is it all about the destruction of Jerusalem? All about the end of the world? A little of both? We don’t have space to tackle those debates. But one thing I do notice is how shocking some of this is to many of our tacit beliefs about being disciples. Don’t be shocked when you are a faithful disciple and people hate you. Don’t be shocked when you are a faithful disciple and your children grow up against you. Don’t be shocked when you are a faithful disciple and life is hard. I’m not saying you should plan on these things. Just don’t be shocked like these things never happen to faithful disciples. They do. What should you do in the face of them? Continue being a faithful disciple.

Tomorrow’s reading is Mark 14.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I’ll leave to you as you grow up to study and figure out which judgment this chapter is ultimately talking about. However, I hope you learn that it does mean God will judge. Whether Jesus is here talking about the temporal judgment on Jerusalem or the final judgment on the world, the point is that God does get to judge. I certainly hope you obey God because He deserves it as God and because you have recognized His love rather than simply because you fear His judgment. But that doesn’t mean we should act like judgment isn’t coming. It is. In fact, that is why Jesus came into the world, to save us from the wrath of God coming in judgment. Don’t be shocked that God is judge. He is.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media

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