Babylon is Fallen

Today’s reading is Revelation 18.

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!”

Whether Babylon initially represented Rome or Jerusalem is beside the point. The point is Christ’s kingdom prevails and Babylon falls. The victory may have seemed in question for some time, but in the end Jesus always wins. We bring the message to our day. Whether the great city is Mecca, Washington, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, London, or Timbuktu, every city and kingdom that raises its head against Jesus will fall. Yes, they  will have authority for an hour. Yes, they may even drink the blood of saints. Yes, they may conquer for a time. But the worst they accomplish is sending saints to be with their Lord. In the end, they will fall. In the end, they will be defeated and destroyed. Hang on! Jesus always wins!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 19.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, the final commercial has played, the theme music kicks in, the picture is set. The knife is at the throat of the Bride and the monster’s foot is squarely holding down the Hero. The enemy laughs and his line, “Kill them,” is repeated. And at the last possible second, the Hero whips out a hidden dagger, in one deft movement slices the tendon in the monster’s leg and throws the dagger into the heart of the wicked woman. As the monster collapses, the Hero jumps up, grabbing his sword from the enemy, plunges it in the heart of monster and then tackles the enemy. He binds the enemy and prepares him for judgment and punishment. VICTORY!!! Snatched from the jaws of defeat. That is our Hero. That is our story. That is our victory. No matter what else happens, hang on to Jesus. He always wins!

Author: edwincrozier

Disciple, Husband, Father, Preacher, Author. I'm convinced God's way works and would love to discuss it with you.

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