Eye-witness Testimony

Today’s reading is 1 John 1.

Sometimes, I forget what I’m reading when I read the Bible. I don’t want to act like the Bible is just a book like any other book. On the other hand, I do need to realize that in many ways that is exactly what it is. These are not some kind of special writings. These are the eye-witness testimonies just as if we were in the jury of a trial and had to figure out if we were hearing the truth. John didn’t sit back and try to make up a story with a couple of his friends. Rather, he saw and experienced things. Then he, and a few others, recorded what they experienced. This, of course, produces a struggle for us. Just as Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time, the Scriptures are fully written by man and fully written by God at the same time. No doubt, just as with the incarnation, this produces some difficulties for us. But what a powerful gift God has given us. His Word in man’s words. Read the testimony. See what you think of it. Then follow it. It is a true record.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 John 2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, don’t miss the very last verse in today’s reading. I know as I was growing up, my goal was to hide all my sins. I didn’t want to ever admit I had done anything wrong. If I had, I tried to figure out and explain why it was actually someone else’s fault. I don’t know all the psychological terms to describe it, but it was as if I thought if nobody could ever actually prove I had committed some sin, then I really hadn’t. That was how I would be worthy and measure up so I could be saved. The problem was eventually I couldn’t deny to myself how sinful I was. In that moment, how could I possibly be saved? And that is why Jesus came. Not so we are stuck trying to prove to Him we are as good as He is. But so He can save us. When you realize you are a sinner, don’t hide it and run from Jesus. Confess it and turn to Jesus for salvation. No, this isn’t permission to sin. But it is permission to turn to Jesus when you do. Praise the Lord!

Author: edwincrozier

Disciple, Husband, Father, Preacher, Author. I'm convinced God's way works and would love to discuss it with you.

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