Today’s reading is Acts 1.

What’s in a name? I know the name “Theophilus” sounds odd to us today. Maybe we could shorten it to Theo and feel good about it, but the full name probably isn’t going to make the rounds in modern times. However, it is really a cool name. It literally means “lover of God” or “friend of God.” Who knows if Theophilus was the man’s original name or the name he changed to when he became a disciple of Jesus Christ? In fact, some suggest this may merely be a rhetorical device as Luke is writing to anyone who wants to be considered a friend of God. It’s much more historically likely that Theophilus was a patron who supported Luke to do his work, supporting him on his travels with Paul, supporting him on his journeys to research these books. What it tells us is that people who loved God even in the very beginning of the church were interested in Jesus, in what He did, what He taught, and what He continued to do through His apostles and church. They wanted to know for certain what was true (Luke 1:4). The same is true today. Those who love God want to know Jesus. That’s why we keep reading. I’m glad you are still reading with us.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, wouldn’t it be great to be known as a friend of God? Wouldn’t it be great to be reminded every time someone calls your name that you are God’s friend. It provides a high calling, doesn’t it? How hard would it be if you were in the middle of choosing to sin and someone called you by your name, “Hey, friend of God”? They may not even be trying to call you out, but what a reminder it would be in that moment. Am I acting right now like who I am? Am I acting like a friend of God? The great news is that God is also our friend. And He doesn’t abandon us just because we mess up. His friendship isn’t actually based on how good we perform as friends. His friendship is based on Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong. This is not permission to ignore that you are a friend of God. But it is permission to turn back to your friend when you have failed. Praise the Lord! My goal today is to be best friends with God. What’s yours?


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