Up From the Grave

Today’s reading is Psalm 30.

Did Yahweh literally bring David’s soul up from Sheol? Had Yahweh literally restored to David life from among those who go down to the pit? Of course not. Just as Peter and Paul could refer to Psalm 16:10 and say, “Well, we can take you to David’s tomb, so he is actually a prophet pointing to someone else,” we can do the same thing here. We could go to David’s tomb today and discover his soul is actually still in Sheol and his life is actually among those who go down to the pit. But there is One whose tomb we haven’t simply lost. Rather, it was emptied. There is One whose life was among those who went down to the pit, but on the third day was restored. There is One for whom the disciples wept through the night, but in the morning came joy. And because of that, our mourning may be turned into dancing, our sackcloth may be replaced with gladness. And we will be able to give thanks forever. Not just for the rest of our earthly lives, but forever. Jesus rose up from the grave, and because He did, we look forward to resurrection ourselves. We look forward to dwelling in the Lord’s house forever, giving thanks to Him forever. Praise the Lord!

Next week’s reading is Psalm 31.


Click here to take about 15 minutes to listen to the Text Talk podcast conversation between Andrew Roberts and Edwin Crozier sparked by this post!

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, Jesus cried to the Lord while on the cross. As far as everyone was concerned, the Lord ignored Him. After all, He died. In fact, He was the first of the three on the cross that day to die. He must have been forsaken by God, abandoned. However, God responded to His cries on the third day, breaking open the grave and raising him up from the dead. One of the big problems the ancients had with this story is believing God would ever allow His anointed to descend into Sheol. Sheol is the realm of the dead or the grave. Psalm 30 (like Psalm 16) helps us with this. David demonstrates that his prayers weren’t answered when you might expect. God didn’t keep him from the torment that was so bad it was like being in Sheol. Rather, David, the Lord’s anointed, spent time in Sheol down in the pit (though, of course, for him it was only figuratively). When David, the Lord’s anointed, spent time that was so bad it was like being in Sheol, we really shouldn’t be surprised that the ultimate anointed one of God would literally spend time in the grave. The stage had been set. When He burst forth from the grave, it should have been obvious who Jesus is. He is a new David. And more than that. He is more than David ever could be. He is our King. Let us always follow the one who broke the gates of Sheol, conquered death, rose up from the grave. Praise the Lord!

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