Wait! Who is Blessed?

Today’s reading is Psalm 32.

I love Psalm 32, don’t you? It’s so comforting. However, most of my life, I’ve read it in a vacuum. I love it’s message about forgiveness. I bask in it and then move on. But now that we are walking through the psalms slowly, one at a time, this psalm explodes with new meaning.

Do you recall the doorway into the psalms: Psalm 1? The entire psalter started with a beatitude. “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked…” It paints the picture of the person who doesn’t take counsel from the wicked, sinful, scoffers, but simply meditates in God’s Word. There are the blessed, and there are the wicked. And let’s face it, at the end of Psalm 1 there is a small part of us thinking, “Blessed is the man who has never violated God’s Law.”

While reading that first psalm, we might be able to convince ourselves we fit. We like God’s Word. We think about it a great deal. We try hard to follow it. However, having worked our way through all the psalms so far, we have been disabused of that notion. We aren’t perfect. We aren’t sinless. There have been plenty of times God’s law and will were not our meditation. There have been plenty of times we have listened to the counsel of the wicked. Where does that leave us?

Enter Psalm 32. “Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.” And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a second beatitude. “Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.”

Praise God! The blessed are not the perfect, they are the forgiven.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 32.


Click here to take about 15 minutes to listen to the Text Talk conversation between Andrew Roberts and Edwin Crozier sparked by this post.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, do you remember Psalm 1? There, the psalmist claims the blessed are those who meditate on God’s law day and night. It contrasts that person with the wicked who instead listen to the counsel of other wicked people. They stand in the way of sinners. They sit in the seat of scoffers. Frankly, if we just read that psalm and no other, we could get a little worried. What about me? Sometimes I’ve listened to the counsel of the wicked and fallen.

Psalm 32 explains there is another person who is blessed. This is the forgiven person. This psalm counsels the godly, which here refers to God’s covenant people, to confess to the Lord when we’ve fallen and stumbled. When we stumble and fall on the paths of righteousness, we have a choice. That is, when we sin, we have a choice. We can listen to the counsel of the wicked, sinful, scoffers who try to get us to remain in our sins. They counsel us to leave the path of the Lord. Or we can listen to the Lord’s counsel through His law. His counsel is for those who sin to repent and confess to Him. He will forgive. What a blessing!

And as always, I remind you: nothing about this is permission to go sin. It is, however, permission to turn back to the Lord when you have sinned. Praise the Lord!

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