The Lord’s Hand Revisited

Today’s reading is Psalm 32.

In Psalm 31, we were excited to place our spirit and our times in God’s hands. In Psalm 32, we’re back to the Lord’s hands. But this isn’t so exciting. “For day and night your hand was heavy upon me.” Oh man! That sounds tough. I don’t like that. “Ease up, Lord,” I want to cry out. “Your hand is too heavy.” But wait! Do I really trust the Lord’s hand with my spirit and my times, or don’t I? In fact, David is thankful for the Lord’s heavy hand here. He understands without that heavy hand, he wouldn’t feel the guilt quite as intensely. If he doesn’t feel his guilt quite as intensely, he will never come to confession. If he doesn’t come to confession, he will not receive forgiveness.

Entrusting our spirit and our times into the Lord’s hands means we believe God knows when to be heavy-handed. In fact, we are glad when He is because we know it is for our good.

It’s not that we enjoy the heavy hand of God, but we know where it leads. As Hebrews 12:5-11 explains, the Lord disciplines us for our good. Therefore, though it is painful in the moment, it trains us, and we yield peaceful fruit of righteousness. That is something we do enjoy. Praise the Lord!

Today’s reading is Psalm 32.


Click here to take about 15 minutes to listen to the Text Talk conversation between Andrew Roberts and Edwin Crozier sparked by this post.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, David paints a pretty tough picture in Psalm 32:5-6. His bones are wasting away. His strength is dried up like a person who is laying out in the desert without any water.

Some people jump off of this psalm to talk about psychosomatic illnesses which can come from a guilty conscience. “Psychosomatic” is a big word that means something is going on in my mind that is affecting my body. That is, I’m not sick because something is wrong with my body. I don’t have a virus. I’m not dealing with any bacteria or parasites. There is no cancer. My body is actually working just fine. However, something in my mind, my thinking, my beliefs, my emotions is so strong it is affecting the way my body works.

It may be that David’s mind and heart were so eaten up with his internal guilt that it was messing up how his body was working. However, that isn’t what the psalm says. The psalm does not say, “I felt a lot of guilt and that made my body sick.” It says, “When I was guilty, the Lord disciplined me.” David’s sickness wasn’t caused by his mind, it was caused by God.

Alright, let’s be clear. This doesn’t mean every time we are sick, God made us that way because of our sins. But it is important to know that this is not a sickness caused by David’s guilty feelings. If that was the case, then all he would need to do is change his feelings. However, he didn’t need to change his feelings; he needed to change his guilt. And when you are guilty, that can only be accomplished one way. It can only be accomplished by forgiveness.

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