There is No Plan B

Today’s reading is Luke 13.

Why must we be busy making disciples? “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” Judgment is coming. Because we are all sinners, we will all perish. Look around you. All your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, classmates are going to perish in the coming storm. However, God has a Plan A. We, and they, can repent and follow Jesus who died for our trespasses and was raised for our justification. But there is no Plan B. Discipleship to Jesus is the only plan for weathering the coming storm of God’s judgment. Let’s care enough to be disciples and make disciples.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 14.

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Fear, but Fear Not!

Today’s reading is Luke 12.

Which one is it? Are we to fear God (see Luke 12:4-5) or are we to not fear God (see Luke 12:6-7)? Was Jesus confused? No. Maybe He was using two different words? Nope. What is going on here? The answer is actually quite simple. When we fear God, we don’t actually have to fear God. It reminds me of my days as a trim carpenter putting my fingers within inches of powerful saws that could cut my hands plumb off in a heartbeat. The great thing about power tools is when you fear them, you handle them properly, which means you really have nothing to fear. If, however, you become so comfortable that you start getting reckless and fearless, be very afraid, you are likely to lose a thumb. There it is; fear God and you won’t have to fear God.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 13.

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Be Blessed

Today’s reading is Luke 11.

Did you know you don’t have to wait around wondering if you will get blessed? Did you know you can actually pursue God’s blessing and walk with confidence that you will receive it? Blessing from God is not a chance endeavor. Jesus actually tells us how to get blessed. “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Of course, that doesn’t mean we never experience hard times. As we have learned over the past few weeks, the blessed of God lose their electricity and sometimes their homes in storms. But even in those hard times, the ones who hear God’s Word and keep it get God’s blessing. We won’t receive God’s blessing by chance, so don’t leave it up to chance. Rather, pursue it with all your heart, soul, and mind no matter what else is happening around you.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 12.

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Laborers in the Harvest

Today’s reading is Luke 10.

Evangelism and disciple-making do not actually begin with evangelism and disciple-making. They begin with prayer. We may develop all kinds of plans to sow, water, tend, and reap. However, without the hand of God, our harvest will be puny. Let us pray today that God send many laborers into the harvest. More importantly, let us go out as answers to our very own prayer laboring in the harvest by the strength of our victorious King.

Monday’s reading is Luke 11.

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Proclaim the Kingdom

Today’s reading is Luke 9.

Yesterday we learned the gospel is the message of the kingdom. We should not be surprised when we see in today’s reading that Jesus sent out His apostles to “proclaim the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:2) or that when the crowds came to Jesus He spoke to them about the kingdom (Luke 9:11). We certainly need to proclaim the good news that individuals may be saved by the blood of Jesus. But let us never forget that we are proclaiming a kingdom. We are proclaiming THE kingdom. The kingdom has come and we may be part of it. Let us not put our hand to the plow and look back; let us press on in the strength of our Victorious King. And let us proclaim the victorious King and usher others into His victorious kingdom.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 10.

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Good News of the Kingdom

Today’s reading is Luke 8.

Of course, I’m aware that the heart of the gospel/good news message is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus for the remission of our sins. However, have you ever noticed that in the gospel accounts it is referred to as the “good news of the kingdom of God”? It is good news that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. But why? Because that death and resurrection was the victory of our King. That death and resurrection was the demonstration our King reigns. That death and resurrection shows that nothing, not even death, can defeat our King and His Kingdom. That is good news. Let’s tell someone about the victory of our King and our kingdom today.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 9.

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It’s All About the Message

Today’s reading is Luke 7.

Have you ever noticed that John the Baptist came teaching with one method, Jesus came teaching with another. The same people who rejected John, rejected Jesus. The same people who accepted Jesus, accepted John. What does that tell you? Salvation is about the message, not the method. Obviously, we don’t learn from this to be jerks who teach the gospel. The point to be learned is salvation comes from the message, from the Gospel of the Kingdom. We aren’t making disciples because we are being nice like we all believe Jesus was. We are making disciples when we are sharing Jesus’s message.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 8.

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More Like the Master

Today’s reading is Luke 6.

“A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

The goal of discipleship is not heaven. The goal of discipleship is Jesus. Certainly, those who are like Jesus will be with Him in heaven. Why did the apostles follow Jesus around and talk with Him and listen to Him? To be like Him. Keep that in mind as we read Luke’s gospel account. We are spending time with Jesus, not as a homework assignment, but as a means to be like Him. That is being and making disciples.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 7.

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Fishing for Men

Today’s reading is Luke 5.

Do you ever feel like Peter? “Lord, get away from me, I’m a sinner.” I know I do. And yet, Jesus picked him to fish for men. Jesus picked Peter to make disciples. Guess what that means about you and me. Despite our past, we can make disciples, we can fish for people. We can share the gospel and draw folks into the family of God. Don’t think you’ve been too bad to share the gospel. Share it and watch what God does with it.

Monday’s reading is Luke 6.

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Word vs. Want

Today’s reading is Luke 4.

Being a disciple means being like our Master. What better model does Jesus provide than in His temptation. Do you think Jesus wanted to eat? Do you think He wanted to know the Father was with Him? Do you think He wanted to be king? Of course. But Jesus didn’t govern His life by His wants, He governed it by God’s Word. Many today believe if they want something really bad, it is automatically okay. Jesus knew better. God’s Word, not our wants, determine what is right. Be a disciple, follow God’s Word above your wants today.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 5.

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