Why Judas?

Today’s reading is Mark 4.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus picked Judas as one of the twelve? He knew the future. He knew how it would end up. But He picked him anyway. Was Judas a bad guy and Jesus just needed a bad guy to make sure He got betrayed in the end? I don’t think so. Judas was apparently good enough that none of the rest had a problem with him being in charge of the money bag. He wasn’t an obviously bad, awful man filling a spot and biding time for Jesus. I suggest Judas was chosen because Judas was qualified. By God’s grace, he had everything he needed to be a great disciple of Jesus and a great apostle. However, at the same time, he also had everything he needed to be a betrayer. The fact is Judas is just like us. We have everything it takes to be a traitor, but by the grace of God we also have everything it takes to be great disciples and servants of Jesus. The question is which will we choose. Start today. Which will you choose today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Mark 5.

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Even Me

Today’s reading is Acts 9.

He may not have been one of the Christ killers, but he was a Christian killer. He held the coats of Stephen’s stoners. If he didn’t lead the persecution that drove the Christians out of Jerusalem, he was instrumental in it. Even that wasn’t satisfactory for him. He got permission to travel and take the persecution to other cities. And yet Jesus invites even him into the kingdom of the redeemed. Jesus forgives even Saul. The Spirit fills even Saul. No wonder Saul was unashamed of the gospel. I thank God for Saul. If Jesus would do this for even Saul, He will do it for even me. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 10.

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In the Footsteps of Jesus

Today’s reading is Revelation 11.

One of the biggest objections to the gospel when it was first preached was folks disbelieving that the Messiah would suffer and die before His coronation. The apostles and early Christians had to walk people through the Old Testament, showing all of God’s anointed ones did that: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, even Israel as a nation. One of the biggest objections today is disbelieving the followers of Jesus will suffer before our victory. But that is exactly the picture of the two witnesses. They are the friends of Jesus who testify to Him and seemingly they should be unstoppable. Surely they will never suffer. Surely they will never die. And yet, that is exactly what happens. They are killed and their enemies rejoice. But after three and a half days, they are resurrected and taken to glory. Does that remind you of anyone? Of course. It reminds us of Jesus. Let us not be surprised when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, it is the path the Lord’s anointed have always walked. But it always ends in victory. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 12.

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Jesus Has a Job for You

Today’s reading is John 21.

I wish I didn’t know how Peter felt when he went fishing. I wish I didn’t know how Peter felt when Jesus asked him, “Do you love me more than these?” Sadly, I too have denied Jesus. Sadly, it has been more than three times over my years as a Christian. Sometimes, I too have wanted to just go back to the old life and fit back in where I might somehow medicate the guilt and shame. And yet, Jesus wouldn’t leave Peter there. Jesus had called him to a new life, and He wasn’t going to let Peter go that easy. When Jesus first called Peter, it was to be a fisher of men. Now it is to be a feeder of sheep. But the point is, even with all Peter’s flaws, mistakes, failures, and sins, Jesus still had a job for Peter. Take that with you today. Even with all your flaws, mistakes, failures, and sins, Jesus still has a job for you. Hang on to Him, He’ll get you there; just like He did with Peter.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 John 1.

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