Baptism of Repentance

Today’s reading is Luke 3.

When John baptized people for the forgiveness of their sins, it was not so they could live however they pleased. Rather, it was a baptism of repentance. They were to follow their baptism up with fruit in keeping with the repentance their baptism proclaimed. The crowds were to learn to share with those who had less. The tax collectors were to learn not to take more than they were authorized. The soldiers were to learn not to extort money, but be content with their wages. Ours is also a baptism of repentance for the remission of our sins (Acts 2:38). We do not receive the remission of our sins in order to live however we please. We are to bear fruit in keeping with repentance. As the practical application of this was different for each person at John’s baptism, it will be different for each of us. What does fruit of repentance mean for you? Does it have to do with material contentment? Submission to authority? Humility? Morality? Spiritual focus? What fruit of repentance can you work on today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 3.

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Full of the Word

Today’s reading is Colossians 3.

If you want to dwell in Jesus and you want Jesus to dwell in you, there is one key you simply cannot overlook. I know you aren’t because you are reading this. But we have to remind ourselves how important this key is or Satan will convince us to abandon the spiritual disciplines that connect us to God. If we want to dwell in Jesus and Jesus alone, we must allow His Word to dwell in our hearts richly. So richly that it bubbles out as we communicate with one another and governs how we live with one another. I cannot overly stress how important it is to read God’s Word. Read it continually. Read it thoroughly. Read it faithfully. Let it fill your heart and change you. You’ll be glad you did.

Tomorrow’s reading is Colossians 4.

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On Purpose

Today’s reading is Titus 1.

One of my biggest hindrances to disciple making is facing every day as if the goal is just making it through the day. One of Paul’s greatest strengths in disciple making was already knowing what his goal was before he faced each day. He knew his purpose. He knew what he was about. Jesus made him an apostle for the sake of the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth in hope of eternal life. His question was never, “What should today be about?” It was never, “What should I accomplish today?” His question was simply, “What is the best thing I can do today to engender faith in God’s elect, providing them with knowledge of the truth, so they can have God’s promise of eternal life?” How are you facing today? Are you trying to figure out what it is about? Or are you staying on purpose?

Tomorrow’s reading is Titus 2.

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Flee: Wrath is Coming

Today’s reading is Luke 3.

It isn’t a popular message, but it is a true one. Wrath is coming. We deserve it. That is why Jesus came–to save us from it. John prepared the way with a warning and a message of repentance. We are carrying on that message not because we want to win some kind of competition, but because we want to save people from the coming wrath. That is why we keep making disciples. What are you doing today to disciple wherever you go?

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 4.

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