A True Example

Today’s reading is Luke 21.

You know what would be super cool? To be Jesus’s ultimate example. Think about it. How would you like it if Jesus called His disciples together, pointed at you, and said, “You know all this stuff I’ve been talking about for the past three years? That person right there, that person is getting it right. That person is what I’ve been talking about.” Wouldn’t that be cool? That actually happened. Luke recorded it, but I’ve overlooked it most of my life because it is just four verses, the person isn’t even named, and I always thought it was just written to teach us about how to give into the collection. I’m talking about the unnamed widow who put two little coins into the temple treasury. Really, I encourage you to reread all of Luke and see if you can’t see how so much of what Jesus taught culminates in the example of this widow. Even in this immediate context she is set up as a contrast not merely to the rich that are likely looking down on her paltry contribution, but as a contrast to the scribes from the end of the previous chapter. You would think that men who spend their days copying and teaching God’s law would stand out as the ultimate examples. No. They are pretenders who look spiritual but actually defraud widows. As Luke records it, almost as soon as Jesus highlights this about the scribes he sees a literal widow who isn’t defrauding others. She isn’t taking from the less fortunate. Rather, she is defrauding herself in order to support the temple. As Jesus had said to the brothers arguing about an inheritance, life isn’t made up of possessions. Now we see a woman who really believes that. Wow! I want to be more like her.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 21.

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The Widow’s Offering

Today’s reading is Luke 21.

If you are like me, you read about the widow contributing all she had to live on and start to get freaked out. “Am I supposed to put all my money in the collection plate each week? What will I live on? How will I feed my kids?” When we go in that direction, we miss Jesus’s point. The point is not that we must contribute all the money we have, the point is what we have is enough. Whether the question is one of money, other resources, opportunities, abilities, giftedness, we may never be able to do what others are doing, but God doesn’t expect us to. He simply expects us to use what He has given us for His glory and what He has given us is enough. So, get busy.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 22.

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