The Hero

Today’s reading is Revelation 5.

We’ve met the Bride and the Father, now we meet the Hero. Of course, the Hero was the one walking among the lampstands, but we meet Him in the story. He is the Lion. However, He didn’t play His part by attacking the prey. Rather, He played His part by being the Lamb that was slain. Because He was willing to step down from His role as Lion and into the role of Lamb, He became worthy to open the scrolls of God’s plan. He has become worthy to receive honor and glory and blessing. He is worthy for every knee to bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord and He is worthy. That is our Lord. Praise God! The story is going to get bleak over the following chapters. But this is our Hero, and be aware right here from the beginning: He always wins!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 6.

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If They Kill Us, So What?

Today’s reading is Matthew 10.

I sometimes have the idea that if I share the gospel at just the right time in just the right way, everyone will accept it. However, if anyone knew exactly the right time and exactly the right way, surely it was Jesus. And look what happened to Him. They killed Him. However, when they killed Him, He was resurrected. Certainly, the pain Jesus went through was no picnic, but ultimately, He had nothing to fear from those who executed Him. In like manner, if those who killed Him decided to kill us, so what? All they are accomplishing is ushering us into the very presence of our Savior and King Jesus Christ. We have nothing to fear and nothing worthwhile to lose. Let’s share the gospel in the light and on the rooftops. Let’s expose what Jesus has said and taught and done. Let’s be unashamed and unafraid. And if they kill us, so what?!

Monday’s reading is Matthew 11.

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Don’t Go Back

Today’s reading is 2 Peter 2.

It’s a disgusting picture. I admit it. A dog deciding to lick up its own vomit. Think about that. The food already made the dog sick once, but he just goes back to it. The mud already made the pig filthy once, but he just goes back to it. That is what it is like to go back to our sin. We came to Jesus because we determined sin was bad for us. It made us sick. It made us filthy. Now, having been made whole and clean by Jesus, we turn back to what made us sick and filthy to begin with. Yes, the dog returning to his vomit is a disgusting image. But that is exactly how disgusting it is for us to go back to the world and worldliness. Don’t go back. You’ll regret it; I promise.

Tomorrow’s reading is 2 Peter 3.

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Stay Awake!

Today’s reading is Mark 13.

While I personally believe this entire chapter refers to a judgment that is already past, I am also aware this is typical judgment language. That is, almost everything said in this chapter can be said about every judgment God has brought and will bring upon men, nations, and the world. Thus, I need to stay awake. Of course, I don’t mean literally I must never sleep. But I need to be alert in life. The tempter is everywhere, taking every opportunity he can to slip into my heart and mind unnoticed. Sometimes, I don’t even realize he is there until some ungodly notion has taken hold and come to fruition. I need to be alert to his schemes, to nip them in the bud before they have an opportunity to grow. When God judges, I want Him to find faith in me. I need to stay awake.

Tomorrow’s reading is Mark 14.

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