Seek the Lord! Before It’s Too Late!

Today’s reading is Psalm 32.

David isn’t bragging about his own forgiveness in the Lord. He is using it as a basis to teach everyone about forgiveness. He basically says, “Hey you guys! Look at me. I sinned. I sinned big. I didn’t want to talk about it. I tried to cover it up. But the Lord saw. He disciplined. I finally confessed. You know what God did? He forgave me.”

Then, in vs. 6, he turns to his audience and says, “Be like me. I know you all have sinned. Let my forgiveness be an example to you. Our God forgives. Seek Him while He may be found.” Whoa! Wait a minute! “While He may be found”? Does that mean there will come a time when He won’t be found?

Yes! That is absolutely what that means.

Folks who are postponing their repentance have no idea the danger they are putting themselves in. While it is true that you will be forgiven any time you repent and for anything of which you repent, you need to understand that the longer you push off repentance, the harder it is for you to do it. It is never easier than today to repent and seek the Lord. The more you sin, the more you postpone repentance, the harder your heart becomes, the harder it is for that shell to be broken.

Further, you have no idea when the full judgment for your sins is actually going to take place. Trying to wait until just before that moment of judgment to repent is not actually repenting. The days are evil. Make the most of today by repenting and confessing right now. You may not have tomorrow.

But if you do seek the Lord while He can be found, then the great rush of waters will not reach you. Yes, that ought to call to mind the great rush of waters that came in the days of Noah. Once the rain starts to fall and the Ark is closed, its too late to seek the Lord.

Seek the Lord! Before it’s too late!

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 32.


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David’s Victory Song!

Today’s reading is Psalm 29.

I hope when you read the title of this post, it prompted you to think, “Wait a minute! Didn’t we already have this post? Didn’t we talk about this last week?” Yes, we had a very similar post last week. You may want to go back and read David’s song in Psalm 28:8-9. It is actually quite similar to Psalm 29:10-11. Both highlight how God is the strength of His people. In fact, it prompts me to see that Psalm 29 may well be the final psalm in the series we’ve been tracking since Psalm 23. Throughout these psalms, David wants to dwell in the Lord’s house, but he is afraid. To dwell in the Lord’s house, you have to have a pure heart and clean hands. David, however, is a sinner. It’s a good thing David’s God is merciful and gracious, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin. But David seems to have a fear. Will God remember him according to God’s own steadfast love and faithfulness or according to the works of David’s hands? Will God draw David into His dwelling place or drag him off with the wicked in judgment? In Psalm 28:6-7, David declared God heard his plea. God had responded. He was making a distinction between David and the wicked. And what do we get next? Psalm 29. It is a song that exults, glorifies, and magnifies God. It’s a song that causes everyone in God’s temple, God’s house, the place where David wants to dwell, to cry out, “Glory.” But then notice this. We’ve been tracking the story of a storm. And in Psalm 29:10, David tells us which storm he’s actually talking about. The storm that shook the earth and covered the mountains in the day’s of Noah. The Lord sat enthroned over the “flood.” The only other place that word translated “flood” is used is in Genesis 6-11 (and we find it there 12 times). Do you know what the flood was? It was the classic example of God’s ability to judge the wicked, sweeping them away, while saving the people who trusted in the Lord. And that Lord still sits enthroned. And because He is still King, we know this: God knows those who are His. What an amazing God and King we serve! Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 29.


Click here to take about 15 minutes to listen to the Text Talk podcast conversation between Andrew Roberts and Edwin Crozier sparked by this post.

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