Living in a Modern Crete

Today’s reading is Titus 3.

According to historical study, the Cretan populace was, in general, sinful and immoral in the extreme. And not just by the standards of the likes of Paul. The rest of the Roman world looked down on Crete and Cretans as vile, beastly, immoral liars. That means they were pretty bad. So we can imagine when Paul wrote to Titus about what to teach the Christians, he had a lot to say about how the Christians should wage the culture war among the sexually immoral, morally destitute, sinfully wicked Cretans. No doubt, he encouraged them to have public demonstrations, to take every opportunity to shout down the immorality, to argue constantly with everyone who disagreed with the revelation coming from the apostles, to belittle and shame the sinners. Or wait. Maybe he gave different instructions. Look again at today’s reading. 

  • Be submissive to rulers and authorities 
  • Be obedient
  • Be ready for every good work
  • Speak evil of no one
  • Avoid quarreling
  • Be gentle
  • Show perfect courtesy toward all people

Wow! Why? Because we are surrounded by people who need a Savior just as we do. The only difference between us and those who still pursue sin with reckless abandon is through Jesus Christ we have the empowering strength of the Holy Spirit. Obviously, this doesn’t mean we are to neglect teaching truth and correcting opponents (see Titus 1:9; 2:1, 7-8). However, let us think about Paul’s instructions to the Cretan Christians before we act, before we interact, before we react.

Monday’s reading is John 1

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Winning People with Gentleness and Respect

Today’s reading is 1 Peter 3.

I know we men really like to hone in on 1 Peter 3:1-6 about how our wives are to respect us and be adorned with a gentle spirit even if we aren’t faithful to the Lord so they can win us. However, have you ever noticed what it says in 1 Peter 3:15? It tells all of us that we are to conduct ourselves with gentleness and respect so that we might win others. In other words, men, God isn’t asking anything of wives He doesn’t ask of all of us. We are to conduct ourselves with gentleness and respect toward others even when they are enemies and we are having to defend our faith. How much more do we win wives, children, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and even Twitter followers and Facebook friends by gentle respect, conducting ourselves in purity with a quiet spirit? That is being a disciple-making disciple.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 Peter 4.

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