Only An Hour

Today’s reading is Revelation 17.

It’s frightening. But the wicked city, the immoral woman, the enemy gain authority. Not only that but give authority to 10 wicked kings. They get drunk on the blood of saints. And yet still they have authority. However, it is only for an hour. Not a literal hour, of course, but only an hour (remember this, it will come in handy in a few days). You can handle anything by the grace of God for an hour, right? Don’t lose faith in the conquering Hero. He is on His way. He will win. Pray that you may not enter temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Hang on! Jesus always wins!

Monday’s reading is Revelation 18.

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The Monster

Today’s reading is Revelation 12.

You’ve seen the movie or heard the stories. The Hero wants to marry the would-be bride, but first he must rescue her from the monster. That is our story now. We’ve met the Hero. We’ve met the Bride. Now meet the Monster. The dragon, the serpent of old, the devil himself. The dragon would have the Bride sacrificed on his altar, a meal for his supper. The Monster has lost one battle already, being cast from heaven. But he stands on the shore of the sea and wages war on the Bride. Will the Monster win? Will the Hero arrive in time to save the day? In this chapter we are left merely at the point of battle. If it were a movie on TV, it is time for a commercial break. What will happen next? Of course, you already know my answer. And if you’ve read ahead you can see. But appreciate for now the terror of facing the dragon, the Monster that wages war. Yes, victory is coming, but don’t be deterred by the battle; it is exactly what God said would come. Hang on, though, because Jesus always wins!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 13.

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In the Footsteps of Jesus

Today’s reading is Revelation 11.

One of the biggest objections to the gospel when it was first preached was folks disbelieving that the Messiah would suffer and die before His coronation. The apostles and early Christians had to walk people through the Old Testament, showing all of God’s anointed ones did that: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, even Israel as a nation. One of the biggest objections today is disbelieving the followers of Jesus will suffer before our victory. But that is exactly the picture of the two witnesses. They are the friends of Jesus who testify to Him and seemingly they should be unstoppable. Surely they will never suffer. Surely they will never die. And yet, that is exactly what happens. They are killed and their enemies rejoice. But after three and a half days, they are resurrected and taken to glory. Does that remind you of anyone? Of course. It reminds us of Jesus. Let us not be surprised when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, it is the path the Lord’s anointed have always walked. But it always ends in victory. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 12.

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The Long Road to Victory

Today’s reading is Revelation 6.

Having met the Hero and His Bride, our story now begins in earnest. The Hero is the Groom who has already paid the Bride price with His blood, purchasing her out of the world. However, before the wedding can occur, He must go out and conquer the enemies arrayed against Him and His Bride. As the story begins, we see Him going forth conquering and to conquer. What we expect is one victory after another. Sure, there will be enemies, but what can they do before the one who has already faced death and conquered? You can imagine, of course, that the early Christians felt that way. Yes, there may be enemies against Christ’s church, but there should be nothing but one progressive step forward to victory after another. However, after the Hero goes forth, He is not followed by increasing peace. Rather, He is followed by war, by famine, by death. These impact even His own people who wonder how long it will be before the victory is secure. Be aware, Jesus always wins. However, it is often a long road to victory. Keep reading to learn how this is going to work out, but hang on. It will get dark first, but the light is coming.

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 7.

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The Groom

Today’s reading is Revelation 5.

Of course, because we know who the groom is, I know we have already met him in chapter 1 as the one walking among the lampstands. However, it is here in today’s reading that we meet Him as the groom, as the hero prince, the one who has paid the bride price with His own blood. We meet the one who is the Lion and the Lamb, who is worthy to open the seals, who is worthy to take the church as His bride because He went to the cross, was slain, then rose again to be seated on His throne. Death cannot stop true love. In fact, it was because of His true love He died, but rose again. This Groom will be victorious. He will win. But it is a dark path between here and His victory. Keep reading and watching. We need to understand His path to victory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 6.

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Today’s reading is Revelation 3.

Yesterday, we met the embattled bride. Enemies without and intrigue within. The question is: Will the Hero win? Will the hero vanquish the enemy kingdom? Will He defeat the attacking monsters? Will He withstand the immoral woman who would turn His head from the bride? But what about the Bride? His her job just to sit idly by waiting on the Hero to conquer? No. In these two chapters to the seven churches, seven times she is told to conquer. Seven times she is told what she will receive if she steps up to the battle, hangs on, and is victorious. She does not sit idly by. She stands up and fights. Together, the Hero and the Bride will be conquerors and what victory we will have. Keep reading and be amazed at the Conquerors. Hang on! Jesus always wins!

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 4.

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