Not a Bone was Broken

Today’s reading is Psalm 34.

Did you see Jesus at the end of this psalm?

He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken.

Psalm 34:20

In John 19:36, we learn Jesus died relatively quickly on the cross. This kept the soldiers from breaking His legs. John says that was to fulfill the Scripture that says, “Not one of his bones will be broken” (ESV).

Certainly, this is part of Jesus fulfilling the Passover sacrifice (see Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12). Yet, Jesus is fulfilling our psalm as well.

Now, I know that sounds odd based on where we started the week. We explained that this psalm is David’s meditation on a moment when he stumbled and fell, but God delivered him anyway. Jesus didn’t stumble and fall. Why would we ever say this psalm is about Him? Good question.

The answer is very simply this. Even though David stumbled and fell, he learned how he was actually supposed to act. He used the experience to turn around and teach the coming generations how they were supposed to live. What did Jesus do? He lived that way. Where David failed, Jesus succeeded.

Jesus lived in fear of God and in wisdom. Jesus lived without deceit and without evil. Jesus sought peace and pursued it. Jesus took refuge in the Father. He committed His spirit into the hands of God. He faced many afflictions, but the Lord delivered Him from them all. And very specifically, despite all His afflictions, not a bone was broken. And because He succeeded, even though He died under Rome’s condemnation, His life was redeemed from the grave because of God’s approval and power. He was condemned by Pilate to die on the cross; He was justified (declared innocent) by God through the resurrection.

From David who failed and from Jesus who succeeded, we learn the same lesson. Trust the Lord. Take refuge in Him. Do what He says. It will be worth it in the end.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 35.


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The 144,000

Today’s reading is Revelation 14.

In contrast to the monsters of the previous two readings, our Hero stands on the mountain. But as a Lamb. Picture that, a Lamb walking to battle against a dragon and two beasts. However, He does have 144,000 with Him. This is interesting because if we removed the chapter break, we would see this 144,000 right after we hear about those the beasts had sealed with the number 666. If we didn’t have the chapter break, we might remember that the 144,000 are the group of people God had His angels seal showing that He knows exactly who belongs to Him. We spend so much time getting bent out of shape trying to figure out who 666 represents and what kind of seal that is that we miss the obvious. There are two groups of sealed people. Not only does God know who belongs to Him, the dragon knows who belongs to him. God also knows who belongs to the dragon. The question is not whether we are sealed, the question is whose seal do we wear. If we are God’s, He knows. If we are not, He knows. To whom do you belong?

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 15.

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The Groom

Today’s reading is Revelation 5.

Of course, because we know who the groom is, I know we have already met him in chapter 1 as the one walking among the lampstands. However, it is here in today’s reading that we meet Him as the groom, as the hero prince, the one who has paid the bride price with His own blood. We meet the one who is the Lion and the Lamb, who is worthy to open the seals, who is worthy to take the church as His bride because He went to the cross, was slain, then rose again to be seated on His throne. Death cannot stop true love. In fact, it was because of His true love He died, but rose again. This Groom will be victorious. He will win. But it is a dark path between here and His victory. Keep reading and watching. We need to understand His path to victory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 6.

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Jesus Has a Job for You

Today’s reading is John 21.

I wish I didn’t know how Peter felt when he went fishing. I wish I didn’t know how Peter felt when Jesus asked him, “Do you love me more than these?” Sadly, I too have denied Jesus. Sadly, it has been more than three times over my years as a Christian. Sometimes, I too have wanted to just go back to the old life and fit back in where I might somehow medicate the guilt and shame. And yet, Jesus wouldn’t leave Peter there. Jesus had called him to a new life, and He wasn’t going to let Peter go that easy. When Jesus first called Peter, it was to be a fisher of men. Now it is to be a feeder of sheep. But the point is, even with all Peter’s flaws, mistakes, failures, and sins, Jesus still had a job for Peter. Take that with you today. Even with all your flaws, mistakes, failures, and sins, Jesus still has a job for you. Hang on to Him, He’ll get you there; just like He did with Peter.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 John 1.

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