Our Household in God’s Household

Today’s reading is Titus 2.

Yesterday, we learned there were insubordinate, empty talking, deceivers who were upsetting whole families teaching for shameful gain what ought not be taught. At the beginning of today’s reading, Paul turns that around on Titus. “No matter what anyone else is doing, Titus, you teach what accords with sound, healthy, faithful teaching. Those other guys are upsetting households, you settle them.” And then he talks about how everyone in a household should behave, whether male or female, whether old or young. But keep this in the context. Paul didn’t write this here so when we are preaching a series through Titus we could preach some lessons on the home. He is actually describing the battle in the vile culture of Crete. Please see, the battle isn’t won on Facebook. It isn’t won in a courthouse. It isn’t won on the floors of Congress. It is won in our households. Sure, it is great when laws get passed that support truth. But in the midst of Crete, Christians fight the good fight of faith not by conducting political battles but by living in their own households distinctly and differently, living soberly, steadfastly, lovingly, self-controlled, exemplary lives in a way that the ungodly are put to shame as they try to find some way to make an accusation against us. I think this may be a needed teaching for us today as well.

Tomorrow’s reading is Titus 3 .

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The Resurrected Priest

Today’s reading is Hebrews 7.

There were lots of priests under the Old Covenant because they kept dying. When one died, he had to be replaced. Death conquered every one of them. Under the New Covenant, there is only one priest. Not because that priest didn’t die. He did. But because death did not conquer our priest. He conquered death. On the third day, He broke forth from the grave. Death was defeated and is unable to even mount a counterattack against our High Priest. That is why we have a better hope, because we have a better priest. Praise the Lord.

Monday’s reading is Hebrews 8.

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