Rejoice! Rejoice! And Again, I Say, Rejoice!

Today’s reading is Psalm 35.

Psalm 35 is easily broken into three sections, three prayers if you will. The first section is vss. 1-10. The second vss. 11-18. The third vss. 19-28. Do you notice anything similar between the last verses of these sections?

Each section/prayer ends with rejoicing and praise.

This isn’t quite Psalm 33. Psalm 33 is in a time usually reserved for lament, but it is completely full of praise, rejoicing, and thanksgiving. In this week’s psalm, there is a good deal of lamenting. Yet, even the laments end with rejoicing, thanksgiving, and praise or the promise to do so when the requests are granted.

The first prayer ends with a promise of personal rejoicing and praise. The second ends with a promise to personally rejoice, praise, and give thanks among the congregation. The third invites the rest of the congregation to rejoice, praise, and give thanks along with the psalmist.

Paul tells us to give thanks in all circumstances (see 1 Thessalonians 5:18). David gives us an example of how to do just that. What can you thank God for today? What can you praise God for today? How can you rejoice today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 35.


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