The Hand of the Lord

Today’s reading is Acts 11.

Why did a great many believe and turn to the Lord in Antioch? Because the hand of the Lord was with them. If we want a great many to believe and turn to the Lord today, what do we need? The hand of the Lord to be with us. Yes, we need plans for sharing the gospel, but apart from the Lord’s hand, our plans are useless. I’ve recently become aware that the two counties my home congregation draws from have together over 1 million people who claim to be nothing religiously. That represents two-thirds of those counties. Two out of every three people I meet where I live claim to be nothing religiously. What a field for harvest! But what good will we do among that number (or among the numbers of people who claim religion, but a false one) without the Lord’s hand? Let’s spend time today praying for the Lord’s hand to be with us.

Monday’s reading is Acts 12.

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