Today’s reading is Luke 17.

We often think of sin as scandalous. However, the real scandal is not simply committing sin, but prompting someone else to sin. I am actually making a bit of a play on words here, but be aware that the word translated “temptations to sin” in the ESV (“stumbling blocks” or “offenses” in others) is the Greek “skandalon.” Our modern word for “scandal” comes from this word that meant to cause someone else to stumble. No doubt, in the modern sense of the word, when we are caught in egregious sin, that is a scandal. But be aware what is truly scandalous is when we play a part in tempting others–whether in how we talk, walk, dress, behave, where we go, making fun of people for their standards, chipping away at the resolve of others, not taking into account their weaknesses and conscious scruples. All these are truly scandalous. Let us avoid every hint of scandal and lead others to honor, glorify, and obey God.

Tomorrow’s reading is Luke 17.

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Live to the Lord

Today’s reading is Romans 14.

No doubt, there are a lot of confusing things about what Paul says in Romans 14. No doubt, there are plenty of disagreements surrounding it. I can’t answer all those. But surely one thing is certain. However I live, however I behave, however I speak, however I act, however I conduct myself, it is to be unto the Lord. I have been saved by the Lord. I have bowed the knee in allegiance to my Savior and King, Jesus Christ. My choices today are not based on my tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. My choices today are made in order to honor Jesus, my King. Live to the Lord today, that way you can die to the Lord tomorrow. Whether in life or in death, you are the Lord’s.

Tomorrow’s reading is Romans 15.

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