Today’s reading is James 5.

As we talk about making disciples, we need to remember it is not merely an issue of bringing someone out from the world and into Christ. The end of disciple making is not baptism, but being like Jesus. In other words, disciple making is, in a sense, “Christ making.” No, I’m not saying any of us will become the Savior or be able to pay the ransom for anyone else. But it really is to become “Christian,” or “little Christs.” That is why the last few verses of James are so important. As we make disciples, don’t just look out to the world, look to your brethren. Look especially to brethren who are wandering from the truth and work to bring them back. That is just as much making a disciple as converting those completely outside of Jesus. Can you think of some fallen brother or sister you can call this week?

Tomorrow’s reading is Philemon 1.

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