Faith has Saved You

Today’s reading is Luke 8.

When Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood, He said, “Your faith has made you well; go in peace.” What is fascinating is in Luke 7:50, when Jesus had demonstrated the forgiveness of the sinful woman, He said, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” We don’t see it in English, but in the original Greek, these are both the exact same sentence. This clarifies salvation. We often think of salvation as what happens at the end. That is, saved equals going to heaven. That is not true. Saved means being healed, being delivered from the sickness of sin. Certainly, those who are saved will go to heaven. But saved means having our sin sickness conquered. When I understand this, I recognize saved doesn’t mean going to heaven despite lingering in sin. I understand that saved means having victory over sin which leads to heaven. Certainly, the Bible demonstrates this is a growth process. However, let’s rejoice that God is not leaving us in our sins. He has healed us. He is healing us. He will heal us. Put your faith in Jesus, He heals, He saves. Praise the Lord!

Monday’s reading is Luke 9.

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Wanted: Sinners!

Today’s reading is Luke 5.

I remember talking to a man who had decided to pursue Hinduism. He told me, “I wanted to be a Christian, but I’m not good enough for that.” I wish I had known then what I know now. I would have told Him about the Great Physician. As a doctor is looking for sick people, not well people, Jesus didn’t come to call the righteous, the holy, the godly, the good enough. He came looking for sinners. He came to call sinners. He came to call those who are not good enough. No doubt, He calls us unto repentance. He doesn’t call us to linger in our own sinfulness. But Jesus isn’t roaming the streets looking for the righteous. He’s looking for sinners like me. He’s looking for sinners like you. Praise the Lord! Let’s answer His call.

Next week’s reading is Luke 6.

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Two Vital Behaviors

Today’s reading is John 4.

Jesus demonstrates the two vital behaviors of unashamed gospel sharing and disciple making with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Vital Behavior #1: Make personal connections. Jesus was tired and hungry. Not to mention there were the societal “rules” against talking to Samaritans and the completely “inappropriate” nature of a Jewish man speaking to a Samaritan woman. He had every reason to simply stay within Himself. But He didn’t. He got outside Himself and made a connection with the Samaritan woman. He did so very simply by asking, “Can I have some water?”

Vital Behavior #2: Start spiritual conversations. At His earliest opportunity, Jesus turned the conversation to the spiritual. “If you knew to whom you were speaking, you’d ask for living water.” He didn’t wait until the relationship had grown to deep levels. He didn’t wait for her to indicate interest in spiritual things. He got to the spiritual at His first opportunity.

Today, let’s look for opportunities to unashamedly pursue these vital behaviors. When we do, I think we’ll be amazed how many opportunities we end up with to share the gospel and how many disciples God will make using our efforts. 

Tomorrow’s reading is John 5

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A Spring of Water Welling Up to Eternal Life

Today’s reading is John 4.

Though the story of the Samaritan woman at the well works out in the end, in the middle it goes a little awry. Why? Because as is often the case the hearer didn’t understand the truly profound nature of the message she was hearing. Jesus said, “If you knew who I was, you’d ask Me for a drink and I’d give you living water. I would give you water that would become in you a spring welling up to eternal life.” And the woman just didn’t get it. She responded, “Give me this water that I might never have to walk all the way out to this well again.” No doubt, always having our physical thirst quenched would be a cool thing. But Jesus is offering something way better. He is offering a spiritual life, an eternal life. It is a life that isn’t about food and drink. And yet, so many today make the woman’s same mistake. They think what God is promising is a prosperous life or a world blessed where no one is hungry or thirsty. That just isn’t the case. He is actually offering something much, much better if we will just be wise enough to see it. He is offering His Holy Spirit leading us to eternal salvation. And that is what we are offering. We aren’t offering a drink of water. We are offering living water that produces eternal life. How can we not pass along that message?

Tomorrow’s reading is John 5.

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